Boxing Star Cheats & Tips – For Free Gold

Boxing Star Cheats & Tips – For Free Gold

Boxing Star Cheats, Hacks & Tips to become a legendary boxer. What are you waiting Boy? Get in the ring!

Remember Boxing Star? Boxing Star is a mobile game developed by FourThirtyThree Inc. for iOS and Android. Since launch the has till now over 10.000.000+ installs on Android devices.

Hey Boy, imagine you have all what must be done to be the very best and turn into another great Boxing Star? Enter the global world of Boxing, and seize everything! Rise from lowly road fights completely up to be the World Champion! Arm yourself with custom made gloves, hone your abilities and Knock’em Out with a Mega Punch! Champions are created in the ring!

An overview to Boxing Star Generators

After searching a while for Boxing Star gold generators and methods to obtain gold i found some interesting websites. Generators are available on a wide variety of designs, we have also cheat methods like Boxing Star hack, Boxing Star apk mods, Boxing Star ios cheats to various Boxing Star cheat codes. Today i will show you a quick orview on how to get gold using an online generator. Well, before we begin as a disclaimer, you need to know that im not afiliated with the website presented bellow. The website was found on Google Search & tested so you can see how this will work.

I can say that i was not very confident in this Boxing Star hack sites, but above you have the results. Surprisingly they gived what they promised from the first try, so not bad at all. You need to understand that these generators and usually all Boxing Star apk mods and cheats have a pretty good chance to get your account banned, be carefull when using these. All this testing was on my own risk and just for educational purposes!

Features advertised:

  • Gold Cheats

First steps, are pretty easy, go to this website:

Gold Cheats

Complete a few boxes with your credentials like username/email, used device, server, gold number and so on.

After waiting a while here are the results:

Boxing Star Cheats

Know your Skills

Know your Skills

First of all, here are 5 different abilities that we could work in upgrading: Hook, Jab, Special, Uppercut and Stance. You need to know on what abilities it’s better to concentrate on because unlocking all of them takes a large amount of time.

Bellow will be the best abilities for our build to become a boxing superstar:

  • Blue skills cause even more damage whenever your stamina is high
  • Green skills boost your counter attack damage
  • Purple skills assist you to deal more harm to stunned opponents
  • Yellow skills randomly boost your attacks

Equipping abilities of the same color escalates the bonus deals you receive from their selection. This is why it is best to equip abilities of the same color of your stance to get some bigger bonuses.

This is a kind of “go big or go back home}” strategy: since there’s a rock, paper, scissors mechanic employed in the game producing a strong round against 2 enemies and weak against a 3 one, if you’re unlucky enough to pull the short end of the stick, it’s likely to be much more difficult that you can win. However, not impossible, therefore that’s why I would recommend sticking with the same color!

Now, with therefore many choices, which Boxing Star skill build may be the best? For me, the very best skills are the ones that deal immediate harm and give you the opportunity to charge them up quickly. That’s why I favor to proceed with Jabs and purple/yellow abilities.

Jabs deal minimal damage, but they will be the easiest to hit. Using jab abilities with purple and yellowish colors makes them a lot more powerful and boosts your probabilities at winning the fight. Now if you’re a master at defense and stay away from your opponent’s hits, you may be better using Green instead for all those counter bonuses.

A social Boxer, is a Rich Boxer

A social Boxer, is a Rich Boxer

Becoming a sociable boxer in Boxing Star game helps you attain lots of Gold. You’ll have the ability to share your screenshots of victories and in addition connect your player account to Facebook and gain some extra Gold. Be sure you add a whole couple of close friends and beat them in “Promotor Matches” so that you can earn extra S-Coins.

S-Coins assist you to purchase brand-new types of “Swank” from the “Management” tab – Swank will come in the type of a ‘Wheels’, ‘Crib’, and an ‘Entourage’. Cribs assist you to acquire extra Wheels, Coins decrease the wait time you need to open Delivery Packs, and having an Entourage presents you with 1 reward every day.

Train Yourself, Gain Skill Points, and Improve, a Different Skill Set

Train Yourself, Gain Skill Points, and Improve, a Different Skill Set

After you will participate on some trainings, your fighter will get finally, the Skill Points wanted to attain different types of skills. The category of Skills you can buy and boost are Hooks, Jabs, Specials, Uppercuts and Stances. As soon you acquire all the Skill Slots, most peopl can select to fill them all with a diverse set of Skills. Meant for example, a diverse moveset requires equipping ‘Thorn Fist’, ‘Stance Rookie’, ‘Stunner Hunter’,’Rib Crusher’ and “Rampant Rage.” Or perhaps you will may attach a corresponding color stance and attack/special skill to your main boxer – this will help enhance the stats of all those abilities.

Counter Master skills present your boxer with effective counter punches, Stunner Hunter abilities assist you to deal more harm to dizzy opponents, Stamina Burner abilities boost your attack power whenever your boxer’s stamina is usually high, and Lucky Puncher abilities randomly boosts your strike power. Green Stance Abilities are solid against Orange, Orange Stance Abilities are solid against Purple, Purple Stance Abilities are solid against Blue Stance Abilities, and Blue Stance Abilities are solid against Green.


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